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Laikipia residents cautioned against buying uninspected meat

Following an increase in poaching cases, Laikipia residents have been cautioned against eating uninspected meat to prevent zoonotic diseases.

Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri warned that residents could be dining game meat unknowingly, hence exposing them to zoonotic diseases like anthrax and rabies.

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“It’s illegal to sell game meat since this is putting the lives of residents in danger. There is a high possibility of wild animal diseases spreading to human beings. They are difficult to treat,” cautioned Kanyiri.

He cited Kona mbaya, Kariguini, Makutano, Mukima, Mlangoni, Ilipolei, Mukinyei and along Nyeri- Nyahururu route as the main areas that are witnessing increased game meat trade.

“Poachers are selling game meat cheaply as compared to inspected meat in some butcheries. You should be cautious when buying. Our officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation are investigating,” said Kanyiri.

The administrator revealed that four suspected poachers who had been supplying zebra, dik-dik and antelope meat to butchers have since been arrested and are waiting to be arraigned in court for poaching.

“They chase antelope using motorbikes and kill them using arrows, before quickly putting them in bags to go and slaughter at hidden places,” revealed the CC.

Kanyiri noted the poachers use the same motorbikes to escape after committing the crimes which he termed as destructive of Kenyan’s heritage.

The CC warned that it was illegal for butchers to sell game meat to residents warning whoever will be found flouting the law will be punished.


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