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Laikipia residents urged to join NHIF to avoid seeking hospital waivers

Residents of Laikipia have been urged to join the National Hospital Insurance Fund to relieve the county from shouldering hospital bills through the issuance of waivers.

The County Executive for Health, Albert Taiti said the growing number of people seeking waivers after being discharged from hospital admissions was weighing heavily on the health facilities’ finances.

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He warned that if the waivers are not checked, they could drain health facilities financially causing the institutions to struggle to offer quality services.

Taiti said many people who visited county hospitals lacked NHIF cards or their cards were dormant. He urged those holding dormant cards to activate them.

Laikipia Woman Representative, Jane Kagiri, also appealed to residents to register for NHIF to be enjoying treatment at the County health facilities without worrying about the bills.

Kagiri said NHIF is very important for low-class people since they can go to the hospital and get treated without being asked to pay.

He said the corruption at the NHIF should be fought zealously so that the Fund can meet the expectations Kenyans have of it.

Kagiri and Taiti were speaking at Ol Jabet County Hospital in Laikipia West during a free medical camp organized jointly by the County government, Woman Rep’s office and Kunda- the Gatero group.

Over 1000 people turned up for the free check-up and treatment. Taiti said owing to the large number of people who turned up, it was evident that the health facility should be upgraded to offer level-four hospital services.

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