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Let´s not take unity and security of our nation for granted, says Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

Kenyans have been urged to embrace unity of purpose and maintain peace that the country enjoys.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has urged Kenyans not to take for granted the security in the country, saying it is a critical pillar for economic transformation.

He said any form of instability will cost Kenyans a lot in terms of progress and prosperity.

“As Kenyans we need to take heed of what is happening in our neighboring nations like South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The suffering that the people of those nations are facing due to internal political conflicts is distressful. The loss of lives, children can’t go to school, there is immense hunger and negative effects on the economy.” he regretted.

Mudavadi who was speaking in Kimilili, Bungoma County when he joined President William Ruto at the interdenominational prayers and thanksgiving.

He  said Kenyans must be on the fore-front in supporting President Ruto’s peaceinitiatives in Africa.

Mudavadi said the President is heading key peace keeping missions and Kenya should not at any given time slide back into conflicts yet the President is the one advocating for peace and security in other nations.

“We have seen the President demonstrate magnanimity and he has gone to the length of supporting his political competitor in the last elections Raila Oding for the African Union Chairmanship position. This is a clear indication that he wants to unite the country.” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi challenged the people of Bungoma and Western Kenya region to continue supporting President Ruto’s development agenda, saying the region has a huge potential that remains untapped and Ruto’s government t is ready to help them realize key development goals as a region.

He called on the leaders from the region to take advantage of President Ruto’s leadership and negotiate for key resources for the people of Western Kenya.

“We must to unite, close ranks and speak in one voice as we find solutions to the challenges facing our region.” said Mudavadi.

He termed President Ruto’s visit of Bungoma as a significant move to solidify the support from the region.

“If Bungoma benefits it means also Kakamega, Vihiga and Busia even Trans Nzoia have benefited. This is the prism at which we should be looking at the issues relating to the development agenda of our people.” said Mudavadi.

Adding that “The President has a lot of faith in the people of Western Kenya because we have demonstrated that we are ready to support his agenda of transforming the economy of this country and making the lives of all Kenyans better.”

Mudavadi also cited President Ruto’s continuous diplomatic tours across the world saying that he has helped place Kenya at the apex of the global arena in less than two years since when he took power.

“President Ruto has rung the bell at the World Bank to help consolidate 130B US Dollars and at the African Development Bank to consolidate 25B US Dollars to help developing countries boost their economies. This are symbols of where the President has placed Kenya’s economic diplomacy and where he wants to take Kenya on the global scene.” he noted.

“The President is working hard to open up financial doors, so that we can thrive our economy, as we engage in business relationships with the right nations. He is also aiming at engaging in treaties that align with our needs as a nation.” he added.

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