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Mudavadi unveils Kenya’s grand strategy for national prosperity

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi is advocating for a proactive stance in advancing African interests while forging strategic alliances worldwide.

Speaking while unveiling Kenya’s Grand Strategy and delineating a comprehensive roadmap for national prosperity amidst global transformations, Mudavadi reaffirmed Kenya’s commitment to proactive global engagement and Pan-African cooperation.

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He highlighted the multifaceted nature of Kenya’s grand strategy, which encompasses economic, diplomatic, defense, technological, and societal dimensions.

“Kenya’s foreign policy outlook is both an opportunity and a challenge shaped by global geopolitics,” he stated.

“Our grand strategy is a tapestry of interconnected initiatives aimed at achieving our foreign policy objectives,” he added.

Mudavadi underscored the symbiotic relationship between domestic development and international engagement saying the interdependence between the two necessitates a holistic approach to national development that integrates domestic priorities with global aspirations, fostering unity and resilience among Kenyans.

The PCS further called for a strategic reorientation that harnesses the nation’s potential and navigates the complexities of the modern global landscape.


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