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NCPB begins compensating farmers in fertilizer scam


The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has begun to compensate farmers who bought substandard fertilizer.

NCPB Managing Director Joseph Kimote said that the move follows a directive from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development that all farmers who bought KEL fertilizers be compensated.

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“All affected farmers are urged to lodge formal complaints by filling a Claim Declaration Form that will be provided at the depot or selling centre where they bought the fertilizer. They are also required to present their original national ID cards and evidence of purchase including the exhibits where applicable (for those who have not used the fertilizer),” explained Kimote.

Kimote stated that all farmers who have utilized the fertilizers and NCPB has verified that they procured from their stores will be issued with an equivalent amount of the top-dressing fertilizer.

“In the case of farmers who procured and have not utilized the fertilizer, they will be required to return the product to NCPB stores and be issued with equivalent amount of planting fertilizer,” said Kimote adding that farmers’ documentation must match with the existing records at NCPB’s Silos or depots in the mezzanine system.

Meanwhile, Kimote said that the Board has distributed three million bags of planting and 300,000 topdressing fertilizer for the 2024 long rains season to registered farmers.

“Farmers are continuing to receive e-voucher messages for top- dressing fertilizer and are encouraged to visit the nearest NCPB depot or selling center to purchase quality fertilizers under the Government Subsidy Programme (GSP),” he added.

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