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Parts of greater Horn of Africa set for wetter than usual conditions

The Igad Climate Predictions and Application Center (ICPAC) says parts of the Greater Horn of Africa are set for wetter than usual conditions.

A statement signed by the Director Dr. Gulleid Artan, indicates that there are high chances of wetter than usual conditions indicated over equatorial and north-eastern parts of the region from February to April.

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The predictions show that wetter conditions are expected over northern Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, southern South Sudan, much of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti.

In the seasonal rainfall forecast for February to April 2024, ICPAC says in the prediction that drier than usual conditions are expected over southern areas of Tanzania, and localized regions in Ethiopia.

According to the forecast, the rest of the region will remain generally dry during February, March to April.

The seasonal forecast further shows that the region will experience warmer than usual conditions over most parts of the region.

In the weekly forecast for the 30th of January to the 6th of February, the regional climate body says that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in most parts of eastern to southern Tanzania, and light rainfall is predicted across Rwanda, Uganda, and southern Kenya.

Moderate rainfall of between 50-200 millimeters is expected over most parts of Burundi and Tanzania, while light rainfall of less than 50 millimeters is expected in Uganda, Rwanda, western and southern Kenya, and southwestern and northern Ethiopia.

Dry conditions are expected over Sudan, South Sudan, northern Kenya, western and eastern Ethiopia, and Somalia during the week.

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