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PCS Mudavadi assures investors of a friendly business environment

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi during the inaugural Local Government Revenue Initiative Conference (LOGRI).

Prime Cabinet Secretary has assured of the Government’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for investment.

Speaking after unveiling the Eco-Cloud Data Centre and the Climate Resilience Innovation Challenge at the KenGen Industrial Park in Naivasha, PCS Mudavadi stated that the event marked a significant moment in Kenya’s Digital Transformation journey.

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The Prime Cabinet Secretary highlighted the importance of the launch, which he referred to as the “Breakthrough in the Clouds,” and discussed how it represented a major step forward for the country’s technological advancement.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary pointed out that Kenya was making deliberate efforts to utilize information and communication technology (ICT) as a catalyst for economic transformation. By prioritizing technology investments, Kenya aimed to establish itself as a pivotal technology gateway for the entire African continent.

Mudavadi underlined Kenya’s impressive achievements, including widespread mobile network coverage with over 131pc mobile subscriptions and 96% 3G/4G coverage. He emphasized that Kenya was a mobile-first nation with a young and experimental population, making it an ideal environment for innovation.

Dr. Mudavadi cited the presence of global technology giants like Oracle, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and VM ware in Kenya as evidence of the country’s position as a leading startup hub in Africa.

Regarding infrastructure, the Prime Cabinet Secretary highlighted Kenya’s status as a hub for undersea cables, powering connectivity within the country and across Eastern Africa. He also praised Kenya’s capable and talented young workforce, a valuable resource for the evolving world of work.

Mudavadi acknowledged Kenya’s commitment to green energy and sustainability. He noted that Kenya had achieved up to 93pc green energy production, positioning the country as a pioneer in sustainable development.

Mudavadi also mentioned that Kenya’s efforts extended to powering eco-friendly data centers, creating attractive investment opportunities within the data center sector.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary took to announce the upcoming Africa Climate Action Summit and stressed the role of the digital economy in transforming the way people conduct their day to day work. He expressed the government’s dedication to enhancing digital competitiveness, supported by the nation’s growing internet usage and tech-savvy demographic.

Mudavadi delved into the expansion of the data center industry in Kenya, highlighting its fast growth rate. With the expectation that the market would double in the next five years. The prime CS recognized the vast potential for data center businesses across the African continent.

Mudavadi urged caution in the growth of data centers, emphasizing the potential environmental impact. He cited predictions that data centers could account for 13% of global electricity usage within a decade, and he called for sustainable practices to be adopted within the industry.

Mudavadi turned his attention to the Konza Technopolis, Africa’s Silicon Savanna, established to drive Kenya’s ambition of becoming a knowledge-driven economy. He praised the center for fostering research and innovation that would contribute to the country’s economic growth.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary highlighted the exceptional status of Konza’s Data Cloud Data Centre as a Tier-3 uptime certified facility, set to achieve platinum status. Dr. Mudavadi recognized the center’s contributions to Kenya’s digitalization agenda by delivering cutting-edge solutions for both public and private sectors.

Mudavadi concluded by commending the groundbreaking of the Eco-Cloud Data Centre as the first 100% eco-friendly and green data center in Kenya and Africa. He emphasized its potential to position Kenya as a favorable choice for technology infrastructure deployment.

The Prime CS expressed his confidence in Universal Access Limited, the investor behind the Eco-Data Centre, and assured continued government support through policy, legislation, and institutional frameworks.

He also encouraged more investors to explore opportunities in green data centers, underscoring Kenya’s commitment to a sustainable and greener future. Dr. Mudavadi summed up by declaring that construction of the Eco-Data Centre had officially begun.

He reaffirmed Kenya’s readiness for business, particularly in the digital economy, and mentioned ongoing efforts to address climate change through legislative

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