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PWDs want inclusion in transport, mobility discussions by govt, innovators

Nominated Senator Crystal Asige

Nominated Senator Crystal Asige has called on government and innovators to include people living with disabilities in policy formulation as well as discussions on new inventions on transport.

Speaking during the Inclusive Africa Conference 2024, Asige said there is a huge gap to fill in terms of transport and mobility in the country as well as most countries globally urging the government and innovators to borrow from best practices globally to make it easier for persons with disabilities to move from one place to another with ease.

“Government can learn another way to avail different mobility Non-motorized transport (NMT) for persons living with disabilities as well as provide national bus services which are cost effective and have priority seating for people with disabilities.” Said Asige.

She challenged the transport sector and providers to provide brail or tactile markings inside PSVs or Aircrafts for easier navigation as well as create easily accessible websites for bookings to ensure safety , dignity and accessibility.

On his part, Head of Operations Control Centre at Kenya Airways John Nalianya called on the advocacy of all players to come on board and use necessary structures to create equality and uphold dignity in the transport sector for all persons.

Similarly he said the aviation sector has to do more in terms of designing systems at the airport where they incorporate technology that can assist people with disabilities.

Victo Nalule- Tunaweza Foundation founder Uganda said her organisation is trying to see if we can partner with other players to support people with disabilities while calling for sustainable accessibility and urged the public to change attitudes.

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