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Thirty entrepreneurs head to South Africa to seek partnerships

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Thirty small and medium enterprise owners from Kenya have embarked on a week-long tour in South Africa to seek to benchmark with the country’s business executives.

The tour organized by Absa Bank Kenya will see the entrepreneurs also engage their South African counterparts in a bid to forge partnerships and seize potential investment opportunities.

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“As a partner for growth, we are constantly innovating ways to inspire and empower our SMEs to scale their businesses to the next level. We are doing this by providing opportunities for business networking and exposure to international markets, such as this trip. South Africa is not only a vibrant economic hub but also offers immense potential for collaboration and investment opportunities across various sectors,” said Elizabeth Wasunna, Absa Bank Kenya Business Banking Director.

Wasunna said the trip will involve site visits and one-on-one business networking sessions leveraging the Absa Group network in the region.

As part of the Absa Business Club, the tour is further expected to expose the members to a wide range of economic sectors in Cape Town, including cattle keeping, fruit farming, winelands, waste management, renewable energy, building and construction, tourism, and manufacturing.

“The initiative is aligned with our larger SME agenda and our four-pronged approach, which encompasses access to markets, access to information, mentorship and coaching, and access to sustainable finance. This trip will educate and inform our business customers about viable business opportunities, expanding their knowledge and skills to enhance their expertise upon their return,” she added.

The lender says the club is designed to inspire entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals by providing them with unique opportunities to explore international markets, network with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into global business trends.

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