New 11-track album will drop on September 1.


Alternative R&B Kenyan singer-songwriter, Xenia Manasseh, has released “Anticipate” – a brand new single featuring Karun – fellow R&B singer making waves in the growing alternative scene. 

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“Anticipate” is the second lead single off Xenia’s upcoming debut album ‘Love/Hate Pt. 1’ scheduled for release on 1 September 2023. 

From the heavy drum, bass and percussion interplay in the beginning to the laid-back, impactful, orchestral second half, the new song showcases Xenia’s vulnerability in a simple yet profound storyline complimenting Karun’s haunting vocals. “Anticipate”s lyrics take on the uncertainty of a relationship that no longer blooms or feels the same. 

“Anticipate” follows the success of her first single off the project – “Temporary Love” where she openly admits to being afraid of love or being in love again and the choices that she made as a result.

Ahead of the release, Xenia Manasseh says that the making of “Anticipate” was fueled by two friends being honest with each other. 

“It came from a place where Karun and I were afraid to tap into an emotion we have both experienced and we admit it,” adding, “Anticipate is a song that revolves around time and wanting to move forward from a current state of uncertainty by chasing the feeling of what it used to be.”

She further admits to finally wanting to be done with love that is temporary or fleeting.

Like many of Xenia’s songs “Anticipate” lives in the future and the past both sonically and in meaning. Xenia, throughout her career, has been known to create music for a global audience that is a relatable, honest and true reflection of her life, values and experiences. 

Her music binds people from various walks of life because it speaks of real universal issues and this is replicated in her upcoming 11-track body of work. As Xenia’s debut project, it is beautifully curated, with features that include Tay Iwar and Shalom Dubas. 

Xenia continues to make waves as an artist who blends stunning lyrical relatability with lush vocals and intricate songwriting. She is renowned for bringing a refreshing new sound to the music scene following the success of her 2019 debut EP Fallin’ Apart. She has captivated a varied audience with the clarity and purity of her tone and successful collaborations like Maybe, a 2022 EP produced by Ukweli.

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