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Zandaux B2B Platform to Promote Multi-Regional Trade in Africa

Zanduax.com CEO- Franck Obambi Ngatse

The introductionof the B2B platform, a Zandaux.com product, is expected to revolutionalise trade between African nations.

Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt will host the platform’s official launch on December 13, 2023. Over 5,000 merchant traders in Egypt are the platform’s target number.

By 2024’s first quarter, there will be 5,000 in South Africa, 3,000 in Kenya, and 10,000 in Nigeria, respectively.

Signifying a turning point for the commercial landscape of Africa.

Offering a smooth, one-stop trading platform for companies to connect, cooperate, and prosper throughout the continent, the platform is poised to completely change the face of trade in Africa.

The platform is positioned to be a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity throughout Africa thanks to its cutting-edge features and dedication to sustainability and inclusivity.

CEO of Zanduax.com Franck Obambi Ngatse states that “this expansion marks a significant milestone for the company and the African business ecosystem as a whole.” Introducing Zandaux.com’s Function as a Trade Facilitator and Catalyst for Economic Progress: Zandaux.com emphasised the revolutionary influence it has on African trade, enabling smooth connections, encouraging cooperation, and propelling economic expansion throughout the continent.

The CEO added that Zandaux has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity by making sure that its platform encourages environmental responsibility and gives companies of all sizes the power to succeed.

The platform’s transformative capabilities and unwavering commitment to sustainability and inclusivity promise to revolutionise African trade and foster unprecedented economic growth across the continent.

Addressing members of the press during the media conference Zandaux  CTO Dennis Reumer introduced Zandaux.com as a revolutionary multi-vendor platform, showcasing the company’s cutting-edge multi-vendor platform, designed to streamline and enhance B2B transactions across Africa.

Zandaux.com, a B2B e-commerce platform, aims to reshape the landscape of African business by providing a one-stop trading platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive across the continent.

Driven by a mission to empower one billion people, Zandaux.com offers African suppliers an unparalleled opportunity to operate within the entire African market.

The platform’s innovative features, commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, and focus on economic growth position it as a catalyst for prosperity across Africa.

The platform also incorporates payment of products in all currencies, depending on the country where merchants reside.

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