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Sectoral Council meeting on Trade underway in Arusha

The 42nd Meeting of the Sectoral Council of Ministers on Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment (SCTIFI) is currently underway at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

The five-day SCTIFI meeting started with the Session of Senior Officials on Monday, 29th May and ended on Wednesday, 31st May, 2023.

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The Coordination Committee or the Session of Permanent/Principal/Under Secretaries is slated for Friday, 2nd June, 2023 while the Cabinet Secretaries/Ministers’ session will be held on Saturday, 3rd June, 2023.

Among the items on the agenda of the SCTIFI are the considerations of the: Report of The Pre-budget Consultations; Report of the Committee on Customs; Report on Trade Matters, and; Report of the Sectoral Committee on Investment; Report on Competition Matters.

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