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African Originals partners with Maa Community to unveil ‘The Mara Edition Gin’

African Originals CEO Alexandra Chappatte with Wilson Nampaso, a community elder.

African Originals, in collaboration with the Maasai community, has launched ‘The Mara Edition Gin,’ drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture of the Maasai Mara community and the broader Northern Mara region.

Founder and CEO of African Originals, Alex Chappatte, expressed the brand’s commitment to supporting communities in a meaningful manner while also striving to boost tourism in Kenya to foster positive change within the Maasai community.

“We are proud to introduce The Mara Edition Gin from Kenya to the world. From the lush landscapes of the Northern Mara to the hands of our dedicated artisans, every aspect of this gin embodies the spirit of Kenya. We invite gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs to join us on this extraordinary journey of taste, culture, and community,” said Chappatte.

According to Wilson Nampaso, a community elder the use of locally sourced indigenous herbs and plants from the mara makes the beverage ideal for the tourist market that troop to the national reserve all year.

So far the project has directly employed 30 community members who among others forage for the herbs.

Locals like Wilson who learnt about herbs , says the move will open up the community to better revenue streams

Crafted with a blend of indigenous ingredients, including Lippia Javanica herbs, wild basil flower, wild honey from the comb, African thistle, and African juniper, The Mara Edition Gin captures the essence of Kenya in every sip.

The gin will be exclusively available on African Originals’ e-commerce platform, duty-free outlets, and luxury lodges, priced at Ksh 8,500 for a 750ML bottle.