The journey of the scarab has begun!

The film based on the DC comic character Jaime Reyes who becomes the superhero Blue Beetle begins screening in cinemas across the country on August 18.

Its debut was announced in April with the release of the teaser by DC Studios and gave fans of the comic their first glimpse at actor Xolo Maridueña who plays the titular role.


Maridueña (Jaime Reyes) plays an underemployed young man with a tight-knit family. One day, Jaime’s childhood friend Penny (Bruna Marquezine) entrusts him with a mysterious package that she begs Jaime not to open but also protect with his life.

To no one’s surprise, Jaime opens the package, discovering an alien artefact. The artefact, known as the Scarab, bonds to Jaime, covering him in the Blue Beetle exosuit and endowing him with powers of flight, energy weapons, and matter manipulation. 

Character’s history in the comics

Blue Beetle has been a part of the superhero community in the DC Universe since 1939. The suit has been worn by two other individuals before Reyes. According to DC lore, the original Beetle was an archaeologist named Dan Garrett, who discovered an ancient Scarab in an old Egyptian tomb that gave him superpowers which he used to fight crime. He was succeeded by the brilliant Ted Kord, who had no powers to speak of but carried on the Blue Beetle legacy with just his wits and his fists, along with a whole lot of gadgets and a sharp sense of humour.

The new film will follow Reyes, as he becomes the third iteration of the Blue Beetle.

Cast and Villain

Celebrated actress Susan Sarandon plays the movie’s villain, Victoria Kord – a nod to the comics. Victoria plays Ted Kord’s ( the previous owner of the Beetle suit) ex and seems to believe the Scarab belongs to her. 

The Blue Beetle directed by  Angel Manuel Soto will also star  Damián Alcázar, Elpidia Carrillo, Bruna Marquezine, Raoul Max Trujillo and George Lopez. 

Tickets are available to purchase in cinemas across the country.