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Chimera:Senate has been vindicated after throwing out Oduol Impeachment

Nominated Senator Raphael Chimera has lauded the Senate for throwing out the Impeachment of Siaya County Deputy Governor William Oduol after surviving the removal from office,in a process which had been initiated by the area Members of County Assembly a few weeks ago.

Chimera, the youthful and vibrant lawmaker was part of the 11-member panel chaired by Elgeyo Marakwet Senator William Kisang which had found Oduol guilty of gross violation of the constitution; and abuse of office and gross misconduct.

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“We did our very best and God did the rest.Being part of the team to probe Impeachment hearing was an amazing feeling.For once Senate has pronounced itself on what it means to protect Devolution. We need to have a conversation on the Office of Deputy Governor. Governors have been descrating on their Deputies. That is now in the past” he said

The special committee found that the charge against the Deputy Governor on Gross Violation of the Constitution and other Laws, on the allegation of Interference with the Procurement Process through Acts of Bid- Rigging was substantiated.

The deputy governor was also found culpable on the charge of Abuse of Office and Gross Misconduct on the allegation of Misleading the Public by Giving False Information.

However, this decision was overturned by the Senate during the Monday plenary sitting that saw twenty-seven Senators vote against the two grounds while 16 Senators, majorly from the Azimio side, approved the earlier verdict to remove Oduol from office. 

“The net effect of this vote is that pursuant to Article 181 of the Constitution, Section 33(8) of the County Government Act and Standing Order 87 of the Senate Standing Orders, the Senate has failed to remove from office by impeachment William Oduol, the Deputy Governor of Siaya County.”

“The Deputy Governor accordingly continues to hold office,” ruled Senate Speaker Amason Kingi.

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