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CS Mutua unveils grand plan to revive tourism in Malindi

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has unveiled a grand plan to breathe new life into Malindi town as a prime tourist destination.

Mutua outlined a multifaceted strategy to attract visitors and investors alike, regretting that Malindi town, once a key tourist destination, has fallen behind in recent days owing largely to an unprecedented divestiture by several prominent investors mainly of Italian origin.

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He revealed ongoing negotiations to entice Italian investors back to the coastal gem, leveraging its unique charm and cultural richness.

Through fostering partnerships and highlighting the town’s untapped potential, the ministry of tourism aims to revitalize Malindi’s economy and tourism sector.

Mutua challenged players in the tourism industry to roll up their sleeves and work even harder at marketing while not compromising on standards.

Recognizing the paramount importance of security, Mutua also unveiled comprehensive measures to enhance safety in Malindi including collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, implementing advanced surveillance systems, and engaging the community in a collective effort to ensure a secure environment for residents and tourists.

He also announced plans to establish new police stations.

The CS was the chief guest during this years Italian cuisine festival at the Kilili Baharini beach resort in Malindi.

The event ,organised in collaboration with the Italian trade agency, is part of Italy’s ministry of Foreign affairs efforts aimed at promoting Italian food and wine tradition as a distinctive trait of Italian identity and culture.

The event was also attended by Italian ambassador to Kenya Roberto Natali.

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