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Environmentalists engage in beach-cleanup in Mombasa

Mombasa environmentalists Saturday morning turned up for a beach cleanup held at Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach popularly known as Pirates Beach in Nyali Constituency, Mombasa County.

The event was aimed at promoting environmental conservation and raising awareness on the impact of pollution on the Indian Ocean and the environment by discarding plastic waste along the shores of the coastal line.

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The beach clean-up activities along the shoreline of Pirates Beach were aimed at removing floating marine litter and debris.

Speaking during the one-day exercise Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Corporal in charge of Mombasa Marine Park Beatrice Jerop said plastics pollution is a major challenge to the conservation of marine life.

Jerop said the clean-up exercise was an opportunity for participants to come together to tackle marine pollution and adopt responsible waste disposal practices in the community.

She said the marine rubbish has the potential to suffocate wildlife besides rendering the sandy white beaches untidy and hazardous to visitors and holidaymakers.

Several stakeholders and the state corporation were involved in the organization of the one-day exercise.

On his part, Mombasa Cement representative Sujal Yogesh said the existence of a clean environment plays a vital role in the wellbeing of human life.

He commended the work done by Save Mothers Heart organization through sensitizing the community on the importance of environmental conservation.

“There has been a lot of movement on environmental awareness campaigns to put members of the public on alert,” he pointed out.

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