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Ex-convict lynched after killing his mother


Irate residents of Ihumbu village in Nginda ward, Maragua have lynched a 40-year-old man after he allegedly killed and buried his mother.

Information provided by local police indicated Charles Ngige killed his mother Margaret Wairimu and buried her body with manure in a shallow grave outside her house.

Brother to Ngige, Phares Kamande lamented that after he arrived home at around 10pm, he asked the whereabouts of their mother but Ngige said she had travelled to visit relatives in another village.

Ngige, who was released on November 4 after completing a 15-year sentence, appeared unsettled as he tried to explain where their mother was.

Kamande told the press, their brother was convicted after he was found guilty of insulting and threating to rape his mother.

He narrated that after he informed the local chief, he went to a nearby shopping centre and alerted some locals who accompanied him home and started searching for their mother.

“My deceased brother was anxious and confronted us as we wanted to know what was covered by the heap of manure outside my mother’s house. Residents forcefully started to remove the manure only to find the body of mum,” lamented Kamande.

He added “Ngige tried to escape but he was overpowered by locals who beat and lynched him. It’s unfortunate we lost two people in the family.”

Kamande observed that his brother was not happy with their mother after her reporting him leading to his arrest.

On his part Maragua Assistant County Commissioner Joshua Okello said it was assumed that Ngige had reformed after his jail term but that he seemed to have held onto anger against his mother for reporting him.

“He has committed this heinous act just days after leaving prison. It seems he had the intention of exerting revenge”.

The police said Wambui’s body had blood oozing from the mouth and the scene was processed accordingly before the bodies were taken to Murang’a county morgue awaiting autopsy.

The incident comes barely two days after another young man on Sunday was lynched by a mob after he hacked and killed his mother at Gathera village in the same ward.