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Gachagua rules out rift with President Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has dismissed as imaginary, any purported divisions with President William Ruto attributing it to political enemies.

Speaking on Friday when he addressed the United Democratic Alliance National Women Congress at Bomas of Kenya, the DP assured party supporters of the unbreakable unity between President Ruto and himself, saying the country’s leadership’s sole focus is improving the lives of the people.

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“The Government under the able leadership of President William Ruto is united, solid and stable. There can never be division or conflict. That is a creation of people who are living in denial,” the DP said.

Mr Gachagua said those propagating lies of fissures in Kenya Kwanza administration were only envious about the progress the government was making a year after coming into office.

“There are many people who gave the President no chance. They are now envious that he is succeeding. He has become a darling of the international community. He is progressing on economic transformation so they want to imagine that there can be a problem,” he added.

He said the implementation of the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda was on track, promising more focus and energy to ensure Kenyans reap more from the policies the government is rolling out.

“There will be no conflict because the President and I are joined at the hip under an ideology of Bottom Up Economic Transformation. The President and I have been friends for over 20 years. Our friendship surpasses the presidency. We are focused on working for our people,” the Deputy President assured.

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