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Government begins process of dissolving Maai Mahiu IDP camps

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The government has began the process of dissolving the Maai Mahiu IDP camps that were formed as homes for the affected families following the Maai Mahiu tragedy.
This is in a move aimed at facilitating the victims to re-build their lives, three weeks after the tragedy.
Over the weekend, the Maai Mahiu disaster management committee accompanied victims housed at PBB children’s home to their damaged land, in a bid to identify legit owners of the parcels of land whose houses were swept off.
Among them, 11 families whose houses are still intact but were submerged in the flood waters, has been instructed to immediately leave the camp and head back to their homes.
However, the move did not come along well with some of them, saying they are still in fear of suffering a second blow once they return to their homes, should the rains continue.
On the other part, home owners whose houses were completely swept off claim they were issued with a two weeks notice to identify rental houses within the area to move into.
Each family is set to receive 5,000 monthly rent for three months which they claim is not enough.
46 families were housed in the PBB camp, with 8 families vacating back to their homes before the end of the week.
At the camp, psycho social support services is continuously being offered to the victims more so the ones who lost their loved ones.
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