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Government determined to ensure Kenya fully restores degraded landscapes, ecosystems, says CS Tuya


Government has asked those illegally occupying riparian areas, wetlands, forests and all other protected landscapes and ecosystems to heed the repeated calls to immediately vacate these areas.

Speaking at the University of Embu during this World Environment Day national celebrations, Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya said the government is determined to ensure that Kenya fully restores her degraded landscapes and ecosystems through the ‘whole-of-society, whole-of-Government’ approach.

Stressing that the ‘whole-of-society, whole-of-government’ approach is where everyone has a role to play, guided by the 10-year National Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Strategy, the anchor framework of the 15 Billion National Tree Growing Programme.

But as the government does so, CS Tuya said it will not sit back and watch as a few people negate the concerted national efforts by continuing to destroy the little that’s left of our forests and protected areas by perpetuating ecosystem illegalities.

“To the few greedy individuals that continue to disregard these calls by hiding behind indigenous community tags to continue committing forest crimes despite repeated reminders and court decisions, the government we will remain firm and will not relent in the ongoing multi-agency efforts to restore order.” warned CS Tuya.

She said the government will intensify ongoing multi-agency security operation across the country to end all forms of ecosystem illegalities including brazen occupation of gazetted forests.

At the same time the CS applauded the courts, for recent progressive rulings that forbid illegal occupation of gazetted forests.

“As a Ministry, we laud the Courts for their progressive rulings on illegal encroachment of gazetted forests including last month’s decision on Mau Forest Complex.” She said.

She called for the participation of all Kenyans to the ‘whole-of-society, whole-of-government’ approach noting that the Ministry of Environment is leveraging on technology, such as the Jaza Miti App to track and monitor tree growing efforts nationwide.

“Based on the trends and data gathered through the Jaza Miti Application, we are developing a Recognition and Award Scheme for outstanding individuals and institutions to incentivise restoration efforts.” She said.





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