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Government’s plan to deploy community health promoters on course

The government has already procured medical kits for use by community health promoters.

Speaking in Mombasa at the ongoing Maisha conference, medical services Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai said the government’s move to equip health promoters was part of ongoing efforts to boost healthcare service delivery in the country.

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The kits, which includes glucometers, thermometers, weighing scales and sphygmomanometers, will be used by community health promoters who will be recruited by the national government in collaboration with county governments.

Each health promoter will be responsible for 100 households and will be kitted with the modern medical equipment and deployed in communities across Kenya. When announcing the plan to recruit healthcare prompters earlier this year, president William Ruto said the government recognizes community health units under Primary Health Care as the foundation of the country’s ambitious mission to achieve its Universal Health Coverage plan.

He said the plan was part of a preventive approach to healthcare adopted by his government acknowledging the critical role community health volunteers play in the delivery of health which is a devolved function of government.

The Health Promoters will also be charged with helping people with chronic conditions manage their medications, diets, and general wellbeing in a way that avoids the need for hospitalisation.

Community Health Volunteers have been assisting in the provision of healthcare services at the household level by delivering health promotion messages, treating common ailments and illnesses and establishing protocols for community-based maternal and new-born health.

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