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Government initiate special feeding programme in Tiaty to woo learners in school

The Government has initiated special school feeding programme in Tiaty which has the highest illiteracy level at 90pc in bid to woo children to school.
The poverty level to many families in Tiaty is high making it difficult to provide food for the family and with their pastrolism in nature many children don’t go to school as they are mandated to look after the livestock.
The special feeding programme was initiated as one way to ensure children come to school and in that way teachers take the advantage to educate them as one way of changing the society in Education.
Speaking in Nginyang sec school during the food distribution Collins Kases of Riongo primary school said many children don’t go to school but when their is food in the school they have realised high enrollment of children who would otherwise be in grazing fields looking for livestock.
Paul Mudanya a teacher at Katikit Primary School also noted that when their is food in school many children would just come with plates without books, he noted the meal they get in school sometimes is the only meal the for the child for that day, he noted that the food was one of the way of ensuring children can get education in the region.
Tiaty member of Parliament William Kamket welcomed the move saying the special feeding programme will ensure their is high population of children in school as opposed to grazing field, he further noted that the programme will gradually be a transition of children every year drop out of school.and engage in retrogressive culture such as cattle rustling and fgm.
SOURCEJoshua Chesire
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