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Gov’t urged to facilitate access to finance for green growth

Government has been urged to shift resources and leadership to local levels to facilitate access to finance for green growth at the grassroots level.

According to HiVOS East Africa, Voice for Just Climate Action program manager, Ndinda Maithya the government, international donors and intermediaries need to increase and secure the effective flow of financial resources to the local levels in order to bring more equitable results.

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She also called upon county governments to involve local communities in planning for future renewable projects.

“Women deserve a seat at the negotiation table, not as spectators, not as beggars or flower girls but as equal participants, without this we aren’t going anywhere,” she said.

In a bid to empower women, youth and children, MaMa Doing Good CEO, John Chumo said they have supported over 14,000 women-led groups to empower them into transitioning to clean cooking and clean energy.

The organization is also working with schools to establish Mama Fruits Gardens which will ensure learners get involved in environmental restoration for a sustainable future.

“You cannot talk about Women Economic Empowerment without talking about the cross cutting issues that affect women. Climate change is one of those issues and it must be addressed,” said Chumo.

Youths, indigenous people, women and other priority rights holders are said to have effective solutions that meet actual needs, suit local context, and yield greater social and economic returns but lack the resources to implement their climatic solutions.

The Least Developed Countries (DCs) are at the forefront in championing for the localizing international. Climate adaptation finance and have committed to deliver 70pc of their climate finance to local levels.

Kenya has set a 70pc commitment to be spent at ward level and 20pc at county level in its County Climate Change Funds.

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