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Nyandarua: IDPs protest frustration by an Administrator

Hundreds of formerly internally displaced persons (IDPs) returned to their former tented camp in Nyandarua County to protest frustration of their bid to sell the land by a local administrator.

The IDPs said they bought the land in Nyandarua 16 years ago after each member contributed Sh10,000.

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The IDPs returned to their former tented camp at Mawingu in Nyandarua Central where they vowed not to leave until the administrator who has vested interest stops interfering with the affairs of the property

The 2007/8 post-election violence victims, through their officials, said they wanted to sell the land and share the proceeds because they were now living in lands where the government resettled them.

They arrived in several matatus and personal vehicles and started harvesting produce from farms tilled by people they claimed were inclined by a former official who has been colluding with the administrator to frustrate their bid to sell the land.

They said the produce will be their lunch and super since they have no intention of moving out again until the government intervenes.

The property is a 160 acres piece of land at Mawingu, two block-making machines and a vehicle.

The idea of selling and sharing the proceeds was floated after some of the IDPs were resettled by the government at Shalom farm in Makutano area, Laikipia County in 2012.

Majority of the members were for the sale and sharing of the proceeds among the 3,200 members.

But a minority led by former treasurer of the group Sarah Muthoni Kimani has been opposing the sale by the group led by their chairman Peter Kariuki

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