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Hindu Council of Kenya launches Jal Seva water project in Laikipia county


In a significant stride towards addressing water scarcity in Laikipia County, the Hindu Council of Kenya (HCK) has launched the Jal Seva Water Project in collaboration with the Laikipia County Government.

In a ceremony held at the County Government headquarters in Rumuruti, HCK donated 50 water tanks to local women, each with a capacity of 3,000 liters marking the project’s official commencement.

The Laikipia County Government, under the leadership of Governor Joshua Irungu, has laid out comprehensive plans to combat water accessibility issues.

Many regions in Laikipia lack permanent water sources, forcing residents to trek long distances, often up to 10 kilometers, to fetch water. This situation not only poses physical challenges but also pits humans against wild animals in the struggle for water resources.

Dr. Sonvir Singh, Vice Chairperson of HCK, emphasized the organization’s dedication to humanitarian efforts during his speech. “God selects people to do noble work. We are just selected to do good things and we are blessed for this,” he said.

Dr. Singh praised Governor Irungu for his commitment to his constituents, which motivated HCK to choose Laikipia County for the Jal Seva Water Project.

HCK, a national umbrella body representing 170 Hindu organizations across Kenya, has a rich history of engaging in various CSR projects, including school feeding programs and medical camps.

The Jal Seva Water Project, which is the vision of the HCK Chairlady Sujatha Kotamraju focuses on water accessibility through initiatives such as borehole drilling, water harvesting, and irrigation, is the latest addition to their community service portfolio.

“The governor spoke of the long distances women and children have to walk to fetch water and how rainwater goes to waste. It really touched us,” Dr. Singh recounted.

The donation of water tanks symbolizes the first phase of the project, aiming to ease the water burden on women and children.

Governor Joshua Irungu expressed his gratitude towards HCK on behalf of Laikipia’s residents. “We are partnering with families to ensure easy access to water,” he said, outlining the ambitious goal of reaching 50,000 women with water tanks over the next three years.

He assured those who did not receive tanks today that additional distributions would continue weekly, fulfilling all requests submitted by March 31.

“I urge women not to sell the tanks but to use them for irrigation and to plant vegetables,” Governor Irungu advised, highlighting the importance of the tanks in enhancing family nutrition and self-sufficiency.

Allan Mugambi, Chairperson of the Laikipia County Development Authority, lauded the governor’s proactive approach. “Your governor gives value to the vote you gave him. We made a good choice, and he is passionate about helping families that are suffering,” Mugambi said.

He affirmed his commitment to supporting the initiative and sourcing more resources to meet the county’s water needs.
Joyce Nthenya, one of the tank recipients, shared her gratitude.

“Governor, it has been a journey for us being together, and we are grateful for having thought of this program for us,” she said. Nthenya praised the governor for his inclusive development efforts, calling on fellow women to support and utilize the tanks effectively.

The recruitment of the 50 initial beneficiaries followed an announcement by the governor, encouraging women to register for the tanks.

In Rumuruti Ward alone, over 400 women registered, with the first 50 selected based on prompt registration and a nominal fee payment.

The county government remains hopeful of securing more tanks to distribute to all interested women.

The launch of the Jal Seva Water Project marks a promising start to a long-term solution for water scarcity in Laikipia County, promising improved living conditions and fostering sustainable community development.

The HCK Jal Seva team present at the event included Mr. Arvinder Singh Mehta, Mr. Jagdishan, Mr. Raju Shah, and Mr. Raju Patel, Managing Director of Poa Tanks Manufacturers.

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