The Naivasha leg of the 2023 Tusker Oktobafest regional event came to a triumphant close over the weekend.  

Rising star Obako performs in Naivasha at the Tusker Oktobafest

With a diverse and inclusive lineup of artists, featuring both male and female talents, the event lived up to its promise of electrifying performances. The crowd was thrilled by the renowned rap trio, Wakadinali, who proudly represent Tusker as brand ambassadors. The stage also belonged to the ‘Siskii’ sensation, Mejja, the ‘Kale Kadance’ hitmakers, Vijana Barubaru, and the sensational Veryl Mkali Wao, a star discovered during last year’s Tusker Nexters talent search. 

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Rising music star Veryl Mkali Wao performs at Tusker Oktobafest in Naivasha.

The event provided a rare platform to the rising musical stars to showcase their talents. Speaking at the event, rising star Obako expressed his gratitude, saying, “Tusker has been a game-changer in my career. Performing at Oktobafest was a dream come true, and I’m grateful for the platform it provided me to showcase my talent to a wider audience.” 

Vijana Barubaru performing in Naivasha

Veryl Mkali Wao added, “Being a part of Tusker’s Nexters talent search was a turning point in my career. Oktobafest has given me the opportunity to shine, and I’m excited about the path ahead.” 

This event marked the second regional edition of the 2023 Oktobafest, following the successful kickoff in Kisumu the previous weekend.  

Mejja Performing

The local economy also experienced a boost courtesy of hosting the event. For instance, Party Island Lounge, the venue of the event reported a substantial increase in revenue, showcasing the positive impact of the event on local businesses. Mr. James Kamau, Manager of Party Island Lounge, remarked on the event’s impact: “The Tusker Oktobafest has brought an incredible surge in business to our establishment. We are thrilled to have been a part of this event, which not only entertained but also provided a significant boost to our revenue. We look forward to more partnerships with KBL and hosting more such events in the future.” 

This year’s OktobaFest which has expanded its reach to embrace East African nations, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan aims to not only deliver entertainment, but also leave a positive impact on the regions.   

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