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Kakamega Governor sets date for sugar conference to tackle industry challenges in Western-Nyanza regions

Kakamega Governor, Fernandes Barasa, has emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive sugar conference aimed at addressing the pervasive challenges plaguing the sugar sector in both the Western and Nyanza regions of Kenya.

Speaking in Lurambi, Governor Barasa highlighted that the concerns surrounding the sugar industry extend far beyond Mumias Sugar Company issue.

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He emphasized that the challenges are deeply rooted and affect sugarcane farmers across the entire Western and Nyanza regions.

Governor Barasa declared that a multi-stakeholder conference would be crucial in providing a lasting solution to the myriad problems afflicting the sugar sector.

He underscored that the conference would involve the participation of the President, a step he deemed necessary for implementing effective reforms.

Leaders from Western Kenya have rallied behind Governor Barasa’s initiative, commending his efforts to initiate dialogue about the dire state of the sugar industry.

Among the prominent figures who have endorsed the governor’s stance are Lurambi Member of Parliament, Hon. Titus Khamala and Navakholo MP, Hon. Emmanuel Wangwe Both MPs expressed their unwavering support for Governor Barasa’s push for a comprehensive sugar conference.

The proposal for a sugar conference has garnered attention as it seeks to address the long-standing issues that have hindered the growth and stability of the sugar industry in the region.

Stakeholders hope that through collaborative efforts and meaningful discussions, a path toward sustainable solutions can be charted, providing much-needed relief to sugarcane farmers and bolstering the economic prospects of the affected regions.

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