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Kenya, India to enhance collaboration in leather sector development

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The African leather industry stands at a crucial juncture, with opportunities for significant growth and transformation. This potential is rooted in strategic capacity building and collaboration among key stakeholders, as highlighted at the ongoing Africa International Footwear, Fashion Leather Products & Accessories Exhibition (AFLEX).

The sector, brimming with untapped potential, could catalyse economic growth and job creation continent-wide if properly leveraged.

To achieve this growth, investments in specialised machinery and the development of local talent are imperative. Such efforts will boost production efficiency and elevate African leather goods to meet international standards, enhancing their global market competitiveness.

Notably, Indian companies are encouraged to engage in value addition within Kenya’s leather industry, backed by local government support and potential partnerships.

Mrs. Birknesh Gonfa, an expert in Investment, Marketing, and Trade at the Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) emphasizes, “Increased participation will not only highlight the industry’s capabilities but also inspire new ideas and creativity.” Echoing this sentiment, the Real Leather. Stay Different. Africa Design Showcase 2024 competition is pivotal in spotlighting African talent and spurring innovation within the sector. This initiative is designed to draw attention and drive further investment, fostering a milieu where creativity flourishes.

The exhibition does more than celebrate the industry’s achievements; it marks the onset of a new era of growth and collaborative efforts. The clear roadmap laid out by industry leaders at the event outlines essential strategies for harnessing the sector’s potential.

By adhering to these strategies—focusing on capacity building, technological investment, and robust collaboration—Africa is poised to unlock substantial growth and achieve global competitiveness in the leather industry.

The discussions and strategic investments showcased at the exhibition are instrumental in transforming the sector. By fostering a collaborative spirit and making strategic investments, stakeholders can drive sustainable economic development across Africa, turning the continent into a powerhouse in the global leather market.

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