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MCK to establish Digital Hubs for youth empowerment

Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has committed to partnering with like-minded organisations with the aim of achieving its mandate.

Garissa County Governor Nathif Jama Adam expressed interest in partnering with the Council to enhance journalists’ work in the county.

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He gave his assurance to work with the Council in ensuring that journalists are granted access to information, empower the youth with reliable data and opportunities for digital monetization.

“One of the key agendas in my leadership is on building the capacity of the residents of this great county through the provision of avenues to access quality information,” said Governor Nathif while meeting a team from MCK in Garissa County.

He welcomed the plan by the Council to establish an information digital hub that aims to provide opportunities for the creative to nurture their skills and talents in the county.

He noted that the youth in Garissa County have immense potential to grow their livelihoods which can be made possible through the establishment of information and digital hubs.

The nominated Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Umulkher Mohammed promised to work with the Council in establishing the media hub in the county.

“By nurturing startups and promoting digital skills, this information digital hub will help to contribute to economic growth and job creation in this county,” said Hon Umulkher.

MCK Regional Coordinator Karanja Jackson emphasised that the hubs would go a long way in fostering active participation in governance matters by the youth in the region.

“The digital hubs can serve as spaces for community members to engage in civic and social initiatives, fostering social responsibility and active citizenship,” said Mr. Karanja.

At the meeting, Manager Research and Partnerships Leo Mutisya noted that the hub will serve as an avenue to bring closer MCK services to journalists and to create a working space for them as envisaged in the Council’s mandate.

The Council is in the process of rolling out information digital hubs across the country. This is in line with the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda pillar on empowering the youth and nurturing talents through the digital superhighway.

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