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MOE: Reforms in the education sector a solution for competent graduates

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There is need to re-invent the learning models of Africa’s educational institutions in order to produce quality graduates fit for the job market.

Speaking during the Rei-magine Education Roundtable, stakeholders agreed that Africa needs graduates who are adept, can provide solutions to continental challenges and also create opportunities for themselves.

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The discussions, themed “Developing Africa’s Next Generation of Leaders” echoed Kenya’s Ministry of Education reforms of the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) which seeks to offer education that will produce graduates with competencies, skills and knowledge vital for work life in a competitive world.

Deputy Director at the Ministry of Education, Elizabeth Otieno called on stakeholders to widen the scope of reaching out to many African students and equipping them with skills required in the modern world while lauding the potential of CBC in the country.

“CBC is capable of equipping learners with competencies such as communication skills, which can help them network and express themselves and what they are doing. It prepares learners with the 21st-century skills to solve problems in our society, and we look forward to industrializing out of our education system,” said Otieno.

Africa Leadership University CEO Veda Sunasee said Kenya’s education sector aligns with the needs of the changing world with a focus on 21st century competencies

“Education is one of the critical sectors that need reforms, and it is imperative, especially in the African context. It’s time for us to look at models that incorporate more of our indigenous education, which prepare us to leapfrog the continent’s economic development and prosperity that it has not seen for a very long time,”  he said .

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