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Move towards integrating water supply services in Kakuma gains momentum

There is hope that a utility for water supply and sanitation to serve the refugee and host communities in the recently chartered Kakuma Municipality will be formed in the next few months after sector stakeholders approve the plan.

The stakeholders met under the Kenya Water and Sanitation (K. WASH) program, which is a World Bank-funded Program jointly implemented by the National and County Governments with the support of development partners in Turkana West.

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Turkana Deputy Governor Dr John Erus said that the stakeholders had expressed goodwill towards the move and confirmed that the County would vigorously work with all the implementing partners to realize a streamlined and integrated approach to water services delivery that simultaneously benefits the refugees and host communities in the spirit of KISEDP.

DG John Erus explained that the move resonated with the Governor Lomorukai’s vision of improved access to clean and safe water as a priority agenda.

“The County had made massive investments in both revenue and non -revenue water infrastructure and systems. We are keen on ensuring that capacity for management of the investment through such utility companies was supported.” Dr Erus said.

During the meeting, Water CEC Faith Aletea divulged that plans were at an advanced stage to fast-track the formation of management structures, conduct an assessment on commercial viability, and possibly develop a business plan to complete the performance based cycle favoured by the World Bank.

She echoed Dr. Erus calls for prompt payment of water bills owed to all the existing water service utilities as a means of ensuring sustainability and service improvements.

Eng Mwakio from the State Department of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation said that the World Bank had adopted a funding model that was performance-based not only in Turkana but also in 17 other counties to promote the realization of desirable outcomes.

Mwakio  explained that the County had demonstrated goodwill in working with the national government and development partners and expressed optimism that Turkana will hugely benefit from the national water and sanitation investment plan through the proposed LOWAAT Dam and other infrastructure.

Member of County Assembly for Lopur, Gabriel Ewoi Topos, said he expected the proposed water utility to serve the rural areas of Kakuma Municipality.

Tito Ochieng (County Water Engineer), Paul Lotum (Ag. Director Water Services), Esther Lokitoe (MD LOWASCO), Eng Fredrick Rukoo (Head of Design and Planning), and Christine Nalemsekon (Turkana West Sub County Administrator) were present.

Emmanuel Echapan (West Sub County Water Officer),  Kevin Ekal (representative of the Turkana West professionals), and the West Sub County Public Health Team were also present.

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