Kenyan rapper, singer and songwriter, Nazizi, says she will never be the same again following the death of her son.

Three-year-old Jazeel Adam died in December of last year after an “unfortunate accident” in Tanzania as the family reported at the time.

The former Necessary Noize member shared her sorrow and grief, almost two months after his death.

“Broken, drowning in the darkness, I will never be ok again.

“How do I keep going without the light of my life? Why should I wake up every morning, just to cry and miss you all day?

“You loved us so much, and we loved you even more, my precious jazzy,” she said.

Jazeel was buried in Kenya last year under Islamic burial rites.

Posting a video of her son she celebrated his life.

“This video just captures your spirit in a few seconds.

“All you ever needed was for us 4 to be together all the time.

“You brought a new meaning to family. My boy life is unbearable without you.

“Mama loves you so so much, and I would do anything to be with you again.

“I will never be the same , my world stopped when you left me jiji.

“I miss you my sweet special boy.”