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The eight-part series is set in a futuristic version of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, and tells the story of four female teenage superheroes who are on a mission to save their city.

Malenga Mulendema, Zambian writer and creator of the series says that she hopes the series breaks ground for more African stories to be told on platforms like Netflix.

“The story is similar across the continent – the talent is there and the stories are there but the opportunities are few and far between. With partnerships with companies like Netflix, you have more chances to create and have the world see your stories.”

Malenga Mulendema created the series after becoming one of the winners of a pan-Africa talent search by animation companies Triggerfish and Disney.

Zambian rapper, singer and songwriter, Sampa the Great, has also lent her voice to the series, singing the show’s theme song.

“Animation series shaped our childhoods and to know young Zambians get to see what they’ve never seen on TV before is amazing!” she posted on Instagram.

The series will be available in English and Zulu.

In recent years, Netflix has diversified its production outside of the US scoring success with shows like Money Heist (Spanish) and Squid Game (Korean).

Netflix has also introduced a slate of original Kenyan productions including Country Queen, Disconnect 2 and African Folk Tales (Anyango and the Orgre).

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