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New DPP Renson Ingonga sworn in

Ingonga takes over from Noordin Haji who is now the National Intelligence Service Director General

Renson Mulele Ingonga has been sworn in as the new Director of Public Prosecutions.

During the swearing-in ceremony held Monday morning at State House, Nairobi, President William Ruto asked Ingonga to be a defender of justice and protector of the vulnerable in society.

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While reiterating his tough stance on corruption, the President appealed to the new DPP to discharge his duties professionally without fear or favour.

“Graft is one of the biggest impediments to the realisation of our shared prosperity. Kenyans look forward to an accountable Officer of the Director of Public Prosecutions who will discharge his mandate professionally” he said.

He added “Without fear or favour, without different standards for big fish versus small fish, without avoiding actions against so-called sacred cows; you have been mandated by Kenyans to ensure that justice rains on all equally”.

He also advised him to build synergy with other stakeholders in the criminal justice system, assuring him of support and goodwill from other arms of government.

“The role of the DPP sits at the intersection of investigations and judicial processes. Thus, your success is dependent on the synergy you build with all other actors in the Criminal Justice System…. The presence of so many other State Offices at this Ceremony shows that you have the support and goodwill of every key actor within our Criminal Justice System” said Ruto.

Additionally, he asked him to perform his duties in accordance with the constitution and ensure investigations are initiated and conducted above board, sentiments echoed by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

“You have the support of the Executive and of every State Organ, of both tiers and all three arms of Government, and of the millions of Kenyans who are looking up to you with hope and expectation” the President assured.

Ingonga takes over from Noordin Haji who is now the National Intelligence Service Director General.

He is set to hold office for an eight-year term.

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