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Over 500 stray elephants paralyze learning in Ganze

Over 500 stray elephants invaded the area

Learning in some schools in Ganze Constituency has been paralysed after over 500 stray elephants invaded the area forcing hundreds of learners to remain in their homes for fear of their safety.

The animals which have been strolling day and night in residential pathways and around school compounds for more than 3 weeks have disrupted learning as school children are forced to report to schools very late and leave earlier than usual while accompanied by their parents.

Area Member of Parliament Kenneth Tungule who visited some of the schools said learning in most primary schools in Ganze has been disrupted while learning in Migujini, Rimarapera, Midoina, and Ndigiria schools has been paralyzed for the last two days.

“Learning has been greatly affected. There was no learning yesterday at Migujini, the same case today because elephants invaded the area again. In fact we got information that after leaving the school yesterday, elephants went back and spent the whole night at the school compound,” he said

The MP expressed fear that the area may record poor academic performance and called upon Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to act fast and drive away the animals that have paralysed daily activities of residents and learners in Ganze.

Senior teacher at Migujini primary school Omar Muhema told the media that over 50 pupils have been missing school every day while the rest report to school as late as 9 am and leave at 3 pm, a routine that has made them lag behind.

He added that sometimes the school is forced to terminate classes because of pupils’ curiosity and unrest while watching the animals roam around the school.

“Today elephants were scattered at the school compound and became hard for parents and children to access the school compound. We have two groups of pupils that come at 12 pm, that is, grade 2 and 3. We had to call their parents to hold their children at home”, he said

Deputy Headteacher of Ndigiria primary school Samuel Ngumbao revealed that they experienced a similar situation saying that around 10 pupils in every class have been missing classes for the last 3 weeks while the school programme has been completely disrupted.

“Some pupils come from areas where elephants are staying longer. They come to school at 9 am, others come while accompanied by their parents. Those who miss company don’t come to school,” he said.

He asked the government to intervene and contain the elephants that have overtaken the area and affected learning activities.

This comes after Ganze residents, led by their MP Kenneth Tungule vowed to kill the elephants if action will not be taken to drive away the animals in the next few days.

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