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Pastor Dorcas meets family of DC who helped her into school

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi takes a picture outside her office with the family of the late DC Harris Kibathi who helped Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, and her brother, Oscar Ikinu get enrolled into Alliance Girls High School and Alliance High School respectively.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi on Monday hosted the family of the District Commissioner who facilitated her admission to high school.

More than 40 years ago, the late DC Harris Kibathi visited the home of Pastor Dorcas, when they lived in Kiandutu slum worried why Pastor Dorcas and his brother, Oscar Ikinu, were not in school.

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What the DC did not know is that, their widowed mother, Virginia Wambui, had spent the better part of the morning praying for a miracle since she did not have money to take her two children to high school.

Pastor Dorcas had received an admission letter to Alliance Girls High School, and her brother, Oscar, to Alliance High School.

DC Kibathi took the two siblings to High School and ensured their school fees were paid, and other essentials were available, an act of compassion that Pastor Dorcas will never forget, and one that she shares in public forums to encourage those who lack in any way.

“I am very excited today to be reunited with the family of a man who made a difference in my life. Wherever I go, and you hear me speak about DC Kibathi who was in Thika, many think that this background is not true. However, this visit is by the family of the man who made a difference in my life, DC Kibathi,” she said.

Pastor Dorcas said that the District Commissioner made a great impact in her life, and that of her family.

Those who visited the official residence of the Deputy President included the only remaining sister of the DC, Lucy Mwangi, and seven of the DC’s children.

One of the daughters, Sophie Kibathi appreciated Pastor Dorcas for her fond memories of their father, and honouring him in death through the family’s invitation to her official residence.

“We appreciate you, Your Excellency, for coming back to us, and telling us Asante Sana. Very few people take such an opportunity to come back to the family, even when the man himself is deceased. You took the time to tell us Thank You and we appreciate,” she said.

Sister to DC Kibathi, Lucy Mwangi appreciated the kind gesture by Pastor Dorcas in honouring her brother.

DC Kibathi died on 28th January 2022 at the age of 82 years.

The son to the DC, Leonard Kimani, who has a striking resemblance to the father, said the father lived to a full age, and his life was a blessing.

“We are really humbled for being here with you. We don’t take this for granted. May God bless you,” said Mr Kimani.

A line in DC Kibathi’s eulogy reads, “There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

Pastor Dorcas is also championing for the rights of the vulnerable in the society, and the people groups she is targeting for empowerment include people with disabilities (PWDs), widows and orphans, and the boy child.

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