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President Ruto: Cartels will not stop the process of digitisation

President Ruto during a meeting with Kenyans living in Japan.

The government will not allow corruption cartels to derail the digitisation of government services, President William Ruto has said.

He said the government is committed to ensuring the transition to a digital payment system is complete to stop corruption and theft of government resources.

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President Ruto ⁠noted that the reduction of more than 3000 paybills in Government to one has helped monitor revenues and eliminate theft.

He said ⁠the new policy that requires school fees be paid through E-citizen, the government’s digital platform, will eliminate illegal levies charged by certain schools.

“The cash payments system is slippery and often an avenue for corruption. Technology will help us eliminate this,” he said.

President Ruto made the remarks on Wednesday during a meeting with Kenyans living in Japan.

Kenyans in diaspora can also transact government business through e-Citizen.

The Head of State said the government is creating opportunities for skilled youth both locally and abroad.

He explained that the demand for Kenyan skills abroad is enormous.

“We have testimonies from companies that have interacted with and hired Kenyans that our workforce is premium,” he said.

President Ruto said the government is keen on enhancing diaspora services to enrich their contribution to the country’s economic growth.

He said the government is establishing mobile consular services to ensure that Kenyans in the diaspora access services easily and efficiently.

“For us to move Kenya forward in the manner we desire requires collective energy. I am encouraged by the role of the diaspora in this endeavour,” he added.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi said the establishment of the State Department for Diaspora Affairs demonstrates the government’s commitment to working with Kenyans abroad.

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