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Raila concerned early political campaigns will compromise development

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya leader Raila Odinga has decried what he termed as early political campaigns barely 15 months after the country held its general elections.

Odinga discouraged leaders from engaging in campaigns saying it’s against the wishes of the electorate who are expecting service delivery.

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“Premature campaigns are putting the country in a perennial state of political campaigns. We just had elections recently but people are declaring interest in various seats from MCA, MP, Senator, and Governor in 2027,” said Raila

“There is nothing wrong in aspiring to rise in leadership, the only problem is that campaigns become an occupation,” he added

The Former Prime Minister said a charged political atmosphere distracts the nation, especially those given the mandate to lead, to execute their constitutional obligations to wananchi.

“When you start challenging a governor now, he will stop working so as to engage in campaigns. Even an MP in Nairobi will not execute his/her mandate well when someone is campaigning in their backyard,” he said

Raila who was in Kakamega asked all who are aspiring to take up leadership positions in 2027 to concentrate their energies on the nation’s development until the official campaign period is declared stressing that the next poll is still years away.

“The political campaign period is coming. A time will come when people can declare interest in political seats, but it’s still too early. If we start now, development will not be possible,” he said

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