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Section of Mombasa ODM leaders concerned over Joho’s absence

A faction of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) grassroots leaders have accused the party leadership of sidelining them in the ongoing recruitment drive in the Coast region.

The leaders expressed concern over the perceived decline in the party’s vibrancy, attributing it to the absence of former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho from party activities.

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According to the leaders, the current mode of operation within Mombasa’s ODM leadership has sidelined them in various activities, leading to a sense of frustration.

Led by former Tudor Member of County Assembly, Tobias Samba, the leaders voiced their concerns during a gathering in Mombasa.

Samba called for Joho’s active participation in party affairs to ensure its continued dynamism. Despite Joho reportedly being on holiday overseas, the leaders highlighted the importance of his leadership in maintaining the party’s influence in the region.

As the party embarks on a new member recruitment drive in Mombasa, they believe that their presence and influence at the grassroots level will significantly contribute to expanding the party’s membership.

“We are urging Joho to return to the party because his absence is affecting us. He used to provide direction, and since he’s been absent, the officials seem to have lost their way. We love the party, and it pains us to witness its influence diminish,” said Samba.

Samba, who is eyeing the position of ODM chairman in Mombasa, called on party leader Raila Odinga to ensure fair elections and discourage the practice of handpicking leaders.

He expressed optimism about revitalizing the party’s leadership to secure victory in the upcoming governor elections.

The grassroots mobilizers commended Raila Odinga for leading the ODM member recruitment drive in the coastal region, acknowledging the party’s commitment to strengthening its support base.

“We are facing difficulties in mobilizing new members as elected ODM leaders have sidelined us. We eagerly await Raila’s presence in Mombasa to address the challenges we are encountering,” said Raphael Wakaya, an ODM grassroots mobilizer.

Odinga confirmed that the extensive membership recruitment drive, initiated in November of the previous year, is set to conclude in March, followed by elections in April and a national delegates meeting in June.

The party aims to fortify its position in preparation for the 2027 elections, following a hiatus in conducting internal elections since 2014.

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