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Produce more local content, explore streaming option, Showmax to content creators

Showmax General Manager Emma Gichonge

Local content producers should explore streaming service platforms to showcase their productions and earn from it.

Showmax is advising content creators to make productions that can easily be accessed via smart devices that are increasingly the preferred platform for consumers.

In a press briefing during the launch of the Showmax in Kenya, General Manager for East Africa Emma Gichonge said the innovation in local production at Showmax has been significant noting that they are stepping it a notch higher.

She said in 2022, 6-7 users said reason they connected to Showmax was because of original content, in 2023 the number increased to 8-10 users and now in 2024, they are hoping for 10 over 10 users.

Smart phone penetration has played a big role in helping Showmax reach more consumers through streaming of the content via mobile phones as well as provided other services including ways to pay.

“Other than the ground-breaking Showmax Premier League in your pocket and global blockbusters from the world’s best studios, we are equally committed to our African content slate. This year, there will be more than 1300 hours of Showmax Originals produced, representing a significant 150pc increase in production output compared to the year before,” said Showmax GM Gichonge in her speech.
Acknowledging the four Kenyan titles releasing in May, Gichonge added, “We are very proud of this content because it directly demonstrates the skill and talent of our Kenyan film and TV community, many of whom are in the audience today.”


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