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State puts agrovets selling unauthorized drugs on notice

Retailers selling veterinary drugs that have not been authorized for use in Kenya have been warned against engaging in the illegal activity.

Speaking during the launch of the Rapid Result Initiative (RRI), Livestock Development Principal Secretary Jonathan Mueke said the government is keen on ensuring livestock farmers across the country have access to compliant veterinary products that are of high quality through such initiatives.

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“In order to promote food safety and improve safety of animal origin, we aim to mitigate concerns regarding the use of agro-chemicals and other chemicals in the livestock sector,” said Mueke.

The Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) has said it will take action on those found engaging in the illegal sale of unauthorized veterinary drugs.

VMD Chief Executive Officer, Jane Njeru said the initiative will also help safeguard animal health as well as the environment.

“We will expedite inspection and licensing of veterinary medicines outlets and enhancing compliance, so far we have issued licenses to over 795 outlets including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers,” said Njeru.

She added that the board will be responsible for the registration, trade and distribution of veterinary drugs in order to maintain the quality and efficacy of drugs.

The directorate further aims to streamline trade permits for those owning agro-vets.

In a bid to tackle illicit drug use and ensure compliance with the government directives, retailers found with counterfeit animal products will be fined close to a million shillings or serve a jail term not exceeding 10 years.

Additionally, the Directorate said there has been a surge of cases of human being using livestock medicine as narcotics therefore only licensed personnel will be allowed to handle veterinary medicine.

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