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Toshiba to encourage enterprises to set up own data centres

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Global technology company, Toshiba, has embarked on an initiative that seeks to encourage businesses to build their own data centres through adoption of high capacity hard drives.

Through the Build Your Own Data Centre (BYODC)” initiative, Toshiba targets to educate system integrators and enterprise to enhance their business-critical enterprise server storage systems and cloud storage capabilities while leveraging high-capacity hard drives.

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“We want the data storage channel ecosystem to be aware of the kinds of storage backup companies need. We see many companies still using tape as a storage backup option, but a hard drive is the first choice for storage because the cost per GB is still very low compared to SSDs,” said Santosh Varghese, Toshiba Gulf FZE Vice President.

According to the firm, traditional hard disk drives still make up an estimated 63pc of data storage worldwide as of 2021, though by 2025, solid state drives (SSDs) are expected to claim a 16pc share of data storage, with NAND making up 10pc.

Data storage using HDDs is expected to hold the majority share at 58pc and fall further to 48pc of total data storage by 2030, while SSDs will grow to 29pc, and NAND will comprise 12pc.

Varghese said Toshiba has committed to provide training opportunities to equip sales and pre-sales teams belonging to system integrators and enterprises with in-depth knowledge about enterprise-level storage, especially with regard to high-capacity, purpose-built hard drives.

“We believe that an educated channel and business entities can better address specific market requirements, such as surveillance, backup, and big data storage which will enhance market growth,” he added.

The BYODC initiative similarly offers enterprises valuable insights and cost-effective solutions that align with the evolving storage landscape.

Through education and partnership with channel and enterprises, it aims to equip business with the tools they need to adapt to a data-driven future while optimizing costs and performance.

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