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Wetang’ula to Raila: The law allows me to present Bills for assent

Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has criticised Opposition Leader Raila Odinga for questioning his presence at State House whenever the president is assenting to bills.

Wetang’ula said Raila’s claims that accompanying the President amounts to him being compromised and termed the sentiments as misplaced.

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Speaking in Bungoma during a funeral, the Speaker noted that he was performing a constitutional duty that requires him to present bills to the Head of State after passage by the National Assembly.

“Article 115 of the Constitution states that the Speaker of the National Assembly should present bills to the President for assenting,” said Wetang’ula.

He wondered why Odinga, who is supposed to understand how the process of assenting to bills by the president is conducted, was the one questioning his presence at State House.

“Raila, when he served as a Prime Minister, used to be present at State House whenever former president, the late Mwai Kibaki, assented to bills, and nobody questioned him,” recalled Wetang’ula.

Odinga had lashed out at the Speaker for accompanying the president at State House to witness the assenting ceremony.

But Wetang’ula said Odinga was exposing his ignorance of the law by criticizing him for being part of State officers who witness the exercise.

At the same time, the Speaker, for the first time, responded to critics opposed to the recent meeting between President Ruto, Chief Justice H.E Martha Koome, and him at State House.

He pointed out that the meeting between the president and heads of the two other Arms of Government was justified, saying it addressed issues affecting the country, among them graft.

“The president, Koome, and I have not complained, so why are those opposed to the meeting complaining?” posed Wetang’ula.

He added, “They should stop mourning louder than the bereaved.”

He noted that it was in order for President Ruto to meet them and termed the condemnation unjustified.

He noted that Opposition Leaders should not be lashing out at the government baselessly to serve their political interests.

Wetang’ula was addressing mourners during the burial ceremony of Antony Namisi Maloba at Mykhweya village, Kabuchai constituency in Bungoma county.

Seven MPs led by Bungoma Senator Wakoli Wafula accompanied him.

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