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World leaders commit to invest in more climate resilient projects

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The Conference of Parties entered day three Saturday with calls for doubling of the climate adaptation finances and new policies to deal with climate change.

Leaders attending the meeting have agreed to spend around a trillion dollars every year in climate friendly initiatives.

Kenya has told the meeting that its losing between 3 and 3 percent of its annual wealth to climate related catastrophes.

Speaking at the conference, Principal Secretary National Treasury Dr. Chris Kiptoo said Kenyans must rise to the realisation that climate change is here with us.

He cautioned that: “Our farmers must now start planting seeds that are climate resilient. Our engineers should start designing projects that can withstand the shocks of climate change.”

Kenya has managed to ink a deal with a number of financiers where more than Ksh.450B will be committed for production of green energy as well as sustainable agriculture.

The PS said the as a country we must use the resources we have optimally adding that: “at the National Treasury we are trying to mainstream climate change matters.”

While encouraging Kenyans to join in the campaign of planting the 15 billion trees within the next 10 years, and embrace climate smart technologies he urged leaders to demonstrate leadership and avoid lamenting.

Speaking at the same conference, the civil society voiced their concerns saying that the development partners are not walking the talk when it comes to availing the necessary resources to help African countries adapt to the changing climate change.

Executive Director Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Mithika Mwenda stressed that Africa needs tangible solutions to climate change problems adding that adaptation finance is the solution for Africa.

“The era of false promises is long gone, Africa needs tangible solutions. African leaders should be bold and not fail to fake promises.” Said Mithika.

“Promises alone will not deliver solutions to Africa climate change problems, the continent needs pragmatic solutions.” He added.

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