Home Business 1Stop Translations, Suss Ads ink deal to tap African online gaming

1Stop Translations, Suss Ads ink deal to tap African online gaming


Kenyan-based digital advertising firm, Suss Ads has entered a partnership with 1Stop Translations that will see the two firms boost accessibility of iGaming, sportsbook, and online casino platforms in Africa.

The partnership seeks to help firms offering the services expand into the African market by helping them plan marketing campaigns for the entire African continent, localised in the target languages with defined and measurable objectives.

“Through this partnership, our specialisation in Programmatic Ads and SMS advertising campaigns will be seamlessly integrated with 1Stop Translations’ expertise in translations and international digital marketing. Together, we will offer a comprehensive solution that leverages technology and linguistic proficiency to empower our clients to reach and engage with their target audience effectively in the African market and beyond,” said Dennis Maina, Suss Ads Managing Partner.

This comes on the back of rapid expansion of the online entertainment market thanks to the continent’s youthful population, extensive ad option of mobile technologies, evolving regulatory environment, and cultural propensity for gaming and betting.

“We are proud to announce this agreement because both companies are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible service. Through this partnership, we and Suss Ads aim to offer a seamless and efficient solution that will enable our customers to expand the business into the African market with ease,” added Nicola Pansini, 1Stop TranslationsSales and Marketing Manager.

1Stop Translations is a translation and localisation services provider with over a decade of experience in translation services in 100 languages to a range of industries, including iGaming, sportsbook, fintech, and legal.