Africa festival in Niedernhausen: Supporting medical camps in Kenya

    In addition to the clinic, "Doki's Advice" has an ambitious plan to introduce a unique "Worktation" program, inviting European doctors to combine work and vacation in Kenya.

    Get ready for a remarkable journey into the heart of Africa! On the horizon, a sensational African festival awaits, set to captivate attendees and support a noble cause.

    Organized by the esteemed non-profit organization “Doki’s Advice,” this upcoming event promises an immersive experience of African art, culture, and culinary delights for the entire family. Mark your calendars and be part of a truly charitable celebration that will make a difference in healthcare access in Kenya.

    Scheduled for Saturday, June 24th, the sprawling soccer field adjacent to the kindergarten on Wiesenpfad 10 in Niedernhausen will transform into a vibrant African oasis. From 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., be prepared to be dazzled by an array of interactive activities, cultural displays, and delectable dishes. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Africa, all in support of providing medical aid to those in need.

    The festival kicks off at noon with a captivating performance by Adesa, World Music Ghana, setting the stage for an enchanting day ahead. Explore a multitude of stands featuring eye-catching African clothing, exquisite jewelry, accessories, and intricately crafted imported handicrafts. Unleash your creativity at the children’s corner, where a handicraft table and face painting stations beckon the young ones. And for the elderly and pregnant women, a dedicated resting area provides a space to relax and engage in conversations, just like the African tradition.

    Feel the rhythm pulsating through your veins as you join drumming and painting workshops led by renowned professionals, Bam Tam and Kenyan painter Malack Silas.

    Unleash your inner artist and let the vibrant colors and beats of Africa ignite your imagination. At 3 p.m., be transported to a world of wonder as Adesa weaves African fairy tales and fables, brought to life through music, dance, colorful costumes, masks, acrobatics, and juggling. Experience the magic and wisdom of Africa, enchanting both young and old alike.

    Participate in the much-anticipated “Ms./Mr. Africa” fashion competition, where attendees dressed in traditional African attire or those who purchase items from the bazaar can showcase their style and win fantastic prizes. Witness the grand finale of the festival at the “Closing Event” at 6 p.m., where participants from the drumming workshops will showcase their newfound talents, creating an electrifying atmosphere filled with pulsating beats and infectious energy. And to conclude the festivities on a high note, an unforgettable “after party” awaits from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., featuring the internationally renowned DJ Buuchezo.

    This remarkable event is organized by Doki’s Advice, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Daniel Ogutu, an esteemed specialist in internal medicine based in Germany.

    With a steadfast commitment to providing medical advice and treatment to those in need in East Africa, particularly Kenya, Doki’s Advice aims to establish a diagnostic clinic in Kenya by the end of this year. By attending the Africa festival, you directly contribute to their vital medical camps and help improve healthcare access in the region.

    Looking ahead, Doki’s Advice envisions a future where a state-of-the-art diagnostics clinic in Kenya, alongside European-level training for medical staff, becomes a reality. The festival serves as a powerful platform to rally the community’s support, raising awareness about the healthcare challenges faced in East Africa while celebrating the rich tapestry of African culture.

    Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to help set up a state-of-the-art medical diagnostics clinic in Kenya, providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities. The clinic will not only offer advanced medical facilities but also provide European-level training for local medical professionals, ensuring sustainable healthcare development in the region.

    In addition to the clinic, “Doki’s Advice” has an ambitious plan to introduce a unique “Worktation” program, inviting European doctors to combine work and vacation in Kenya. This program aims to foster knowledge exchange, cultural understanding, and long-term collaborations between medical professionals from different parts of the world.

    By attending the Africa festival in Niedernhausen, you become an integral part of this transformative journey. Your presence and contributions will directly support “Doki’s Advice” in realizing their vision of improved healthcare and a brighter future for the people of East Africa.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the richness of African culture, indulge in delectable cuisine, and make a charitable impact. Save the date, June 24th, and join us at the Africa Festival in Niedernhausen. Together, let’s celebrate diversity, embrace unity, and make a real difference in the lives of others.