Jägermeister Night Embassy’s global brand has made a pitstop in Kenya with a series of exhilarating events and cultural activities lined up and set to take place in Nairobi this November and December.

The Nairobi edition of the Night Embassy will present an immersive showcase of what makes local nightlife and culture tick while exploring what the future may hold.

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The Night Embassy Nairobi brings the most exciting emerging and breakthrough artists from all corners of Nairobi together to create, and redefine Nairobi nightlife and culture.

The platform empowers artists and collectives to rethink and reshape the city’s nightlife, in a unique experience that comes to life through a residency where each artist gets the opportunity to envision their ideas and become an ambassador of the night.

The Night Embassy is propelled by the most impressive up-and-coming talent in Music, Dance, and Fashion, all while being carefully guided by a Creative Board composed of local cultural icons, each a meister in their own right. 

Nairobi’s board includes Blinky Bill (producer, artist/DJ and a member of Just a Band), Katungulu Mwendwa (innovative fashion designer of Katush global brand) and Chiki Kuruka of The Kuruku Dance fitness movement. 

The Night Embassy Nairobi is themed NAIRADA – where the essence of Nairobi meets the relentless pursuit of creativity. 

Katungulu Mwendwa says, “The Night Embassy Nairobi is all about merging experience with raw talent. It’s all about being unpredictably brilliant, talented and resourceful. It’s NAIRADA.”

The Night Embassy Nairobi is hosting a series of events, panels and showcases in collaboration with its ambassadors, creative board members and other Nairobi creatives and cultural custodians.

Blinky Bill says of the event, “I’ve always been involved in whoever is next on the scene and Nairobi is always bursting with fresh talent. I’m super excited to share what I’ve learned over the years with the next generation. Jägermeister has chosen the perfect time to champion this movement.”

A finale event on 2 December 2023 will draw industry movers and shakers, and will be open to the public. This will be a culmination of the residencies and a curated showcase of various art and performances by Night Embassy Music, Dance and Fashion ambassadors. 

“Building up people who do not have the opportunity to be in the limelight [but definitely have the talent to do so] is what Jägermeister Night Embassy is about. It’s loud and proud and exactly everything that I stand for,” says Chiki while adding, “The Night Embassy is a fantastic opportunity for Kenyans to show the world what we are really about.”

The Jägermeister Night Embassy platform is a space for true borderless creation and collaboration amongst emerging and established creatives and creators globally. 

Curated by artists for artists, it offers the rare opportunity for artists in each region to collaborate creatively and experiment with each other’s sounds, cultures and vibes – fusing genres, styles and aesthetics to create new music and art form while reaching global audiences and bringing each city’s Night Embassy to the world.

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