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CMG wraps up “Twinkle Star Project” 2023

Song Jianing, Acting Bureau Chief of CMG Africa delivers a speech during the closing ceremony. /Photo by CGTN Africa

The curtain came down on the “Twinkle Star Project” 2023, with a closing ceremony held at the University of Nairobi on Wednesday in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The project featured multiple events over a span of six months, including a launch ceremony, a CMG animation tour and a children’s drawing competition.

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The “Twinkle Star Project” caravan toured a number of schools in six villages and towns, screening CMG cartoons to more than 2,000 students. Among the animations was “Monkey King”, an all-time favorite character from legendary Chinese literature, “Journey to the West.”

These iconic Chinese cartoons not only brought joy to Kenyan children, but also provided a channel to open themselves to new experience and learn about Chinese culture.

“We were entertained by some fascinating and educative cartoons which kept us glued to the screen,” recalled Cossie Muthoni, a 14-year-old student from Lusigetti Primary School.

“We got a golden opportunity to interact with the Chinese people for the first time and the experience was on another level,” she added.

The caravan also brought computers, stationery, and food to those schools.

“Through the multiple events, we have sown the seeds of hope and harvested love,” Song Jianing, Acting Bureau Chief of CMG Africa remarked while addressing the closing ceremony.

CMG also released a film documenting the journey of this project at the end of the ceremony.

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