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COTU elects Rev Joel Kandie Chebii as Chairman General

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU)-Kenya Executive Board has elected Rev. Joel Kandie Chebii as the Chairman General.

In a statement on Friday, COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli said Chebii has served in COTU (K) for more than four decades and currently holds the position of General Secretary of the Tiles and Textile Workers Union.

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Chebii was elected during the 111th Executive Board of COTU (K) where Wycliffe Nyamwatta was also elected as the 2nd Vice Chairman General of COTU (K).

Nyamwatta has been a member of the Executive Board of COTU (K) for two decades and continues serving as the General Secretary of Kenya Engineering Worker’s Union.

Atwoli urged the elected leaders to continue agitating for the enhancement of rights and welfare of Kenyan workers.

“Stability is key to any organization and, as COTU (K), we shall continue ensuring that the Union is united and stable so as to serve Kenyan workers,” said Atwoli.

Atwoli further informed the meeting of the preparations that have been underway towards ensuring the success of the 5th Congress of International Confederation of Trade Unions (Africa), ITUC -Africa which is headquartered in Lome, Togo, is a Pan-African trade union organization that was established in November 2007 following the merger of two former African trade union organizations (ICTU-Afro and DOAWTU).

“COTU (K), which is affiliated with the ITUC-Africa, is privileged to host the 5th Congress of the ITUC this year whereby more than 500 Delegates (from across Africa and outside Africa), including Trade Unionists and leaders in the Labour Movement,” said Atwoli.

“The participants of the will come together to, foremost, discuss the future of Labour in Africa and the role of trade unions in shaping and facilitating the attainment of a better Africa.”

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